home_imageHaddon Consult is a management consultancy for law firms and the bar. And so what? There are plenty of those. This one is focussed on three things:

    • Providing guidance, constructive challenge and support to leadership teams,
    • Mergers and acquisitions, and
  • Pricing.

Most businesses in the legal sector need some kind of proposition to make them stand out from competitors, to give them some kind of competitive advantage. Most firms and sets are looking to acquire or be acquired. And most are looking to get better paid for what they do.

If your firm or set  needs to shake up its strategy, overcome the obstacles to implementation, improve its profitability or prepare itself for a sale or merger, Nigel can help you achieve your goals.

A keen interest in leadership and strategy, a passion for transformation and years of practical experience provide Nigel with a rare combination of skills for today’s legal services market.


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Helping law firms and barristers' chambers achieve transformational change.