There simply is no other lever that law firms can pull that delivers the impact that improved pricing skills does. Imagine a £10m turnover law firm that invests in training its senior lawyers in pricing, a firm with a net profit of 20%. Six months later, the firm is generating revenues equivalent to an annualised £10.5m, a 5% increase. That modest increase in revenue results in a 25% increase in profit, because there are no additions to the firm’s overheads!

My interest in Pricing was sparked by working with my now colleague Richard Burcher in private practice back in 2013, and I’ve been working alongside Richard since beginning my consultancy work in 2014.

I’ve worked with almost 100 firms (mostly in the law, but also with accountants) in the UK and Europe on Pricing. All, without exception make more money (and have happier clients!) as a direct result of the skills they learn. Many of my client firms have provided testimonials which you can read here.

My work in this field has recently been recognised with an invitation to teach Pricing on the prestigious Master of Legal Business course at the College of Law, Australia, where my colleague Richard Burcher is a Teaching Adviser.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you and your firm, please e-mail or telephone 07753 605236.