I qualified as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 2002 and have practised as an arbitrator ever since. I have received appointments from the President of the Law Society, the Mercantile Court and from the parties direct.

I have been appointed to determine disputes such as:

  • A professional partnership dissolution dispute
  • A construction dispute between Employer and Contractor
  • A quasi-partnership dispute between joint venture partners
  • A dispute concerning commercial property
  • A property and nursing home partnership dispute
  • A commercial property dispute concerning the rent review terms contained in the Lease between the parties
  • A farming partnership dispute
  • A landlord and tenant dispute over the extent of the tenant’s liabilities
  • A property dispute concerning the meaning of a term in a Deed of Covenant
  • A solicitors partnership dispute

Given my experience and interests, both as a solicitor and a Chartered Arbitrator, I am particularly suitable for appointments in the fields of construction, professional partnerships, landlord and tenant and property.