Law Chat Series – Key Issues for the Legal Sector in 2022

This is the first Law Chat of 2022. I was invited to join Simon Tupman to explore and share my views on some of the key issues and opportunities for law firms this year:


This video was recorded on 24th April and features an interview by Andy Poole of Armstrong Watson and myself, for the members of the UK200 Group, and is used here with permission:

Mosaic Legal Virtual Coffee Breaks

The following videos have been taken as part of the Mosaic Legal Virtual Coffee Break series. We, the members of Mosaic Legal, are filming the series during the coronavirus outbreak to discuss the potential impact, particularly for law firms.

Pricing In Difficult Times

Today’s discussion covered pricing strategies, pay now options and ageing debt management:


Marketing Observations for Law Firms

Marketing observations formed the topic for this morning’s virtual coffee break, relating specifically to law firms:


Economic Impact

Next we discuss the economic impact:


Personal Impact

The next video looks at the personal impact of the current crisis:


Pricing For Law Firms

This discussion focused on pricing for law firms: