Performance Improvement

performance_imagePerformance Improvement

Today’s successful law firms and chambers understand the need for a focused, robust strategy. One that starts with an honest appraisal of where the business is, what resources it has, which clients, in which markets they want to serve (where they can compete most advantageously), and which clients, in which markets they don’t want to serve. And it’s not easy for a law firm or set to be honest about where it is and what its resources and intellectual capital are. Nor is it easy for the leadership team to focus on the big picture with dozens of competing demands on their time each day.

Few law firms or sets now take growth, an improving cash flow, improving profitability and turnover and an ever more robust balance sheet for granted. And fewer still have the resources to address these issues other than on a sporadic basis. Beginning by building up a full understanding of your goals and the obstacles you face, Nigel Haddon works with you to find and implement solutions. These might be aimed at one, more or all of: improved billing and cash collection practices, pricing for profitability, increasing top line revenue, reducing overheads, outsourcing, business development, gaining access to working capital, efficiency and process improvement, or preparation for exit, sale or merger.

What you won’t get from Nigel is a big report containing recommendations to follow and an invoice. You will get advice, of course, but also an implementation plan, and someone to work with you for as long as it takes to achieve the identified goal. We help you win buy-in for change and the execution of agreed plans to achieve desired outcomes. From access to finance to turnarounds, from sales to mergers, from repositioning to restructuring, Nigel can help you improve the performance of your legal business.

Nigel is acutely aware of the financial pressures on your business and wherever possible will work with you on a value-based fee arrangement. Our pricing options include sharing the financial risks with you, and aligning our interests with yours in achieving results.

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