Leadership support



Nigel helps law businesses develop and refine their strategies, ensuring that they are ‘fit for purpose’ in a fast-changing and competitive sector. For example, by facilitating partner/tenant retreats or conferences, Nigel helps the leadership team look realistically at the long term goals of the business and the actions necessary to execute the strategy. Nigel then supports the leadership team in articulating their vision, winning buy-in, gaining commitment and leading by example. Nigel’s passion for helping achieve transformation is clear in everything he does, as is the depth of his understanding of the sector.

The leadership role is a difficult, often lonely role for which many new to it are ill-equipped, either in terms of experience or skills. New Managing Partners in particular can gain enormous benefit from an external mentor who has been there and done that.

And leadership teams too benefit from external challenge – is this strategy soundly based upon available and/or obtainable resources, or is it merely a statement of intent, or a ‘wish list’? Does the organisation have the skills to deliver the strategy? What are the obstacles to implementation? How can they be overcome?

Many well meant, considered strategies fail because of the lack of will or skill to put the strategies into practice. In a professional services firm, it’s an execution game; if you can’t ‘do’, talking the talk counts for nothing.

Nigel is able to help law firm and set leaders, their teams and those moving into leadership roles with issues such as these – and what’s more he enjoys passing on the benefit of his experience!

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