Two-day value pricing masterclass – 5 & 6 March 2019, Grays Inn, London

Hosted and facilitated by Andrew Otterbun, this course delivers the core skills which lawyers need to value price their work. Andrew has said: “The best training event you’ll attend in 2018!”. Previous attendees have said “Divine intervention!”, “I thought it was fantastic”, and “Really excellent, thought provoking course. Well presented by Nigel who has an easy, accomplished style of delivery”.

Pricing and Profitability¬†2 May 2019, The Law Management Section’s Annual Conference, Chancery Lane, London. Nigel will be addressing a plenary session of the legal sector’s flagship event on pricing for profit – and happier clients!

Predictably Irrational: pricing psychology – 18 May 2019, Eurojuris Practice Groups and Training Days, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Nigel will speak to the Eurojuris delegates in plenary session on pricing psychology and how law firms can use that to their advantage.

Pricing21 May 2019, ICAEW Solicitors Annual Conference, Chartered Accountant’s Hall, Moorgate Place, London.¬†Nigel will speak to the conference in plenary session on pricing psychology and how law firms -and accountants! – can use that to their advantage.

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