Chartered Arbitrator

Nigel Haddon qualified as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 2002 and has practised as an arbitrator ever since.

Nigel has received appointments from the President of the Law Society, the Mercantile Court and from the parties direct.

Nigel has been appointed to determine disputes such as:

  • A professional partnership dissolution dispute;
  • A construction dispute between Employer and Contractor;
  • A quasi-partnership dispute between joint venture partners;
  • A dispute concerning commercial property;
  • A property and nursing home partnership dispute;
  • A commercial property dispute concerning the rent review terms contained in the Lease between the parties;
  • A farming partnership dispute;
  • A landlord and tenant dispute over the extent of the tenant’s liabilities;
  • A property dispute concerning the meaning of a term in a Deed of Covenant;
  • A solicitors partnership dispute

Nigel’s experience and interests, both as a solicitor and a Chartered Arbitrator, make him particularly suitable for appointments in the fields of construction, professional partnerships, landlord and tenant and property.



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